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The name of A. K. FAZLUL HUQ has become a household word in Bangladesh, He is better known as ' Sher-e-Bangla'.
This name can cast a spell over the people . So, Everyone admire him most. A. K. FAZLUL HUQ was born at Chakhar of Barisal on the 29th October 1873. He passed the Entrance Examination in the First Division.

He obtained his B.A. Degree with honours in three subjects. He took his M. A. and B.I. Degree and joined the legal profession as an article assistant of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee. He then returned to Barisal, the place of his birth and worked as a profeddor of Mathematics in Barisal college.

For some time A. K. FAZLUL HUQ served as a Deputy Magistrate. But the sufferings and poverty of his countrymen could not kept him long in the Government service. Soon he gave it up and joined politics. He became a great friend of the farmers and the poor people of Bengal

His political life was equally brilliant, In 1913 he was elected member of the Bengal Legistive Council. He won many victories over his opponents in the political field and in 1937 he rose to the position of the Chief Minister and the Governnor of the then East Pakistan and the Central Home Minister.

He was a patron of learning. He established many schools and colleges. The chakhar A. K. FAZLUL HUQ College will proclaim his glory for ever. A. K. FAZLUL HUQ was a man of uncommon genius.

This great leader died on the 27th April, 1962. He was really a tiger in sprit and boldness. His life is an interesting story of the political struggle for the welfare of the Muslims of this sub-continent.

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