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  Bangladeshi Culture
Bangladeshi Culture
Culture is the way we lead our life. Culture is the activites done throughout a day.

Bangladeshi culture is very rich and ancient. Our culture has envolved through the process of give and take..
but Bangladeshi culture has not lost its individual identity.Bangladesh is still an agricultural country. Bangladeshis are traditionally hospitable and simple minded. They are never unwilling to entertain a guest even he is passing through hardship. Bangladeshis are friendly and sympathetic. They have a very high regard for friendship. Since most of the people of the country are still illiterate. They are devoid of artificiality and shphistication. Polygamy was the common form of marriage but now most people seem to realize that monogamous life is better than polygamous systems. But in the country still families are large because many families still believe in living jointly.

The educated modern Bangladeshis now prefer monogamous family. Around 30% of the total population live in the cities and towns. Our economic life is very slow since we have still an agricultural economy. But the process of industrialization has started very slowly. But the Bangladeshis have a rich tradition of handicraft and cottage industries . The traditional songs like jari, shari, marefati, murshidi, bhawaia palligiti and filk songs were in great demand in Bangladesh. But now western music and culture have inevitable influence on the Bangladeshis. Bend and pop music is getting in our country. Now the modern Bangla song is sung in western melody. TV has vecome the major source of entertainment. Now cricket is immensely popular in Bangladesh which has replaced football as a popular game.

Many Bangladeshis now wear western dress. Longy for men and sari for women are the common dress. But the girls and educated elderly women wear salwar and kaamis.

On religious and cultural occasions many men wear pajamas and Punjabi and women wear sari. Many people of different religions live here in peach but there is no trace of communal conflict and animosity. Quite a few tribes live here and they have their own languages too. But people mainly speak Bangla. English is the second language. Bangladesh is a democratic, liberal and peaceful country.
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