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  Char Kukri-Mukri Wildlife Sanctuary
Chor Kokri Mukri is the natural beauty that rises on the chest of Vola. It is called Dip kanya also. Nature lover tourists loves its surrounding beauty of ManGrove Forestry, Wildlife and Oceans. A list of deer, cows - buffalo, monkeys and various species of wildlife are roaming the island (About 4 to 5 hundred hundred-year-old ).

Location : Char Kukri-Mukri Island is in southern Charfession Upazilla: under Bola District
Area (ha.): 40
Established : 1981

Wild Life: Fishing Cat, Egrets, Heron, Small-clawed Otter, Grey Pelican and Bitterns
Getting There: You can go up to Barisal by road or riverinetransport and Then go to Bhola by road . From Bhola go 2.5 hours by road towards the Char, then take 1/2 hour boat ride on local craft.

Accommodation: many circuit/guest houses are available here (Bhola) but More plentiful accommodations are available in Barisal.

Sometimes can find The Royel Bengle Tiger. There is secure Navy - Communication systems, hotel - motela & modern tourism, If we can develop this Spot, many tourist will come to see its beauty. Beside this, 2 more island are here named Chor Patila & Dhalchor. Various species of deer during in winter. Recently, Chor Kokri Mukri is identified as the world's biodiversity area by the IUCN
officer, Char Fasson.
Phone: 04923-74030.
Mobile: 01740920246

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