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  Crops of Bangladesh
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The land of this country is very fertile and produces a great varieties of crop.

Kinds : we may classify our crop into two-food crop and cash-crop.


(a) Rice : Rice is our staple food. Our 80% land is cultivated for rice. It grows rice in abundance all over the country. It is mainly four kinds: Aus, Amon Boro and Irri.
(b) Wheat : In winter we grow wheat. People like wheat as it is very nutrient. Wheat grows well in pabna, Rajshahi, Dhaka and in Comilla.

(c) Sugarcane : Sugar-cane is an important food-crop of our country. It is a grat source of glucose. People like the juice of sugar-cane very mush. Molasses and sugar are made from sugar-cane. The districts of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Mymenshingh, rangpur, Dinajpur, Jassore, Kstia etc. produce sugar-cane in plenty.
(d) Other: pea, Maize, potato, water-melon etc. are some other food crop of Bangladesh.

Cash crop
(a) jute: juteis called the golden fibre of Bangladesh. It is the main cash crop of our country. Farmers can grow jute easily because the land of our country is suitable for growing jute.
(b) cotton: cotton is another important cash crop. It grows in plenty in the hills tracts of our country. But we need more cotton to meet our demand. So farmers are being encouraged by the government to grow more cotton.
(c) Tobacco: Tobaco grows all over the country. But in Rangpur it grows in plenty. The smokers like the tobacco of Rangpur very much.
(d) Tea : The tea of Bangladesh is famous all over the world. We grow tea in Sylhet and in Chittagong. We earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting tea.
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