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  Disadvantages of over population

A country is said to be over-populated when more people live in a small area lacking in sufficient resources for better and health living.

The case of Bangladesh may be considered as an example. More than 150 million people live in a small country like Bangladesh.

Still some 380 new children are born everyday in this country. If this continues the population of the country will be doubled in 30 years. The wealth of the country is limited. So with the growth of population the want of the country is increasing.

This causes shortage of food, houses, clothing, education and medical facilities. Again the hungry and ailing children do not turn into manpower. They become menace to the society. They die from starvation.

The government is to spend a lot of foreign exchange every year to import food for these hungry people. As a result, the economic plan of the country suffers much. So the people of the country must have small family to bring happiness and prosperity to them and to the state. If nothing positive is done to check the growth of population, serious food problem will be the result. And the prosperity of the country will not come if this problem is not satisfactorily solved.

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