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  Dowry system

The most hateful systems prevalent in our country is the dowry systems. We find that their husbands often torture wives.

We often read in newspapers that, newly married girls are tortured in all possible ways. it is therefore, regarded as a social evil and has become pressing problem to be solved.

To eradicate this social evil, one cannot remain satisfied with mere laws and by-laws or enactment of some rules. Total change in the outlook of the society is the crying need at this moment. it is social evil and we are to tackle it socially.

Society must be free from this idea of disparity and false feudal values, which do not recognize woman as the equal partner of man. Social and public boycott are two of the main weapons that may be used.

Additionally, parents who are indulging in this practice. Battles should be fought fiercely. Young men and women must come forward to put an end to these disgraceful systems.

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