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  Dream Square picnic spot/ Resort

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Dhaka Office:
Eastern Trade Center. 56, Inner circular (VIP) Road, 3rd floor, Dhaka-1000, BANGLADESH.
Telephone: 9334149, 9342203, 8317286, 9330160,9355790
Cell No.: 01755603311, 01764117733
Fax: 880-2-8361128

Resort Office:
Chalkpara, Axogirchala, Mauna, Gazipur Office: Eastern Trade Center,56,
Inner Circular (VIP)Road. 3rd Floor, Dhaka-1000,Bangladesh.
Cell No.: 01755603310.
Telephone No.: 9334149,9342203,8317286,9330160,9355790
Fax No.: 880-2-8311856,
Cell: 01755603311,01764117733,01755603310
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