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  GAS Resources of Bangladesh
Bangladesh is rich in her natural resources. Gas is one of the most important assets of this country.Gas fields of Bangladesh are located in sylhet, Chhatak, Rashidpur, Kailastila, Habigonj, Commilla, Begumganj and Muladi. Of these , the most important is

the Titas gas field in Brahmanbaria. The demand of gas is increasing and the threat of gas crisis is increasing and today it is almost the burning question.The defict of gas per day is 85 to 100 millon Cubix feet. If this deficit remain, there will be crisis in the production of electricity.

As a result, it is needless to say that a great distress will be fall upon mills and factories, trade and commerce, economy activities and even in our daily life-style. The demand of the whole country is 807 million cubic feet a day. But the supply from the seven gas fields is 730 million cubic feet a day. It is not possible to meet the demand if the newly discovered gas fields do not start functionally. But it is a matter of time to implement the idea. Fertilizer factories depending on gas have no substitute.

In some heat-electricity projects Naphtha, Diesel or Crude oil can be used in lieu of gas. Very recently one of our important gas fields at Magurchara in Srimangal has been exploded causing inestimable loss of gas. It is unfortunate that we have not our own experts to deal able with our gas resources.

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