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  Kazi Nazrul Islam
Kazi Nazrul Islam is known as 'Rebel Poet'. He was born at Churalta in the district in 1899. His father was Kazi Fakir Ahmed and mother Zaheda Khatun. He lost his father when he was a child. In his boyhood he was called 'Dhukhu Mia' - the child of sorrow.

At the age of ten he was admitted into a primary schools. He was not attentive to his studies.

Then he went to Asansol and he became a baker's boy. He met a S. I. of Police of Maymensingh. The Pilice officer sent him to his village for education. Later Kazi Nazrul Islam left school and joined the army as an ordinary soldier. In the army he was promoted to the rank of a Havildar.

On his return from the battlefield, he began to write. He felt the pains of the down-trodden in his heart. He brought out his famous poem ' Bidrohi'. This single poem inspired the whole nation. His famous poetical works are 'Agni Bina'. 'Bisher Banshi', 'Sarbahara', 'Sindhu Hindol' etc.

He died on August 29, 1976. He was buried in Dhaka University Campus. He was, indeed the voice of this subcontinent.

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