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  Khan Jahan Ali Mazar
Bagerhat, a great historical place. There You will see the Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali a fine one storied building,

It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried there. The tomb is made of cut out stones.

It cannot be accurately said where from these were brought. It is said that Pir Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali brought these from Chittagong by floating on water. On the tomb there are inscriptions in Arabic.

An inscription says that he died on 25th October, 1459. There is a small mosque nearby. A close associate of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried outside the tomb.

On the night of the full moon of the month of Chaitra a big fair is held beside the Mazar. Many people attend the fair. There is a tank in front of the Mazar. The lolocal people call it the Dighi of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali . There are some crocodiles in this big tank. They come near when the Fakirs call them and give them something to eat.

Historical Importance: Hazrat Pir Khan Jahan Ali who dedicated his life for the Islam. He came here from bagdad with many disciples. He set up his camp and with the help of his disciple he started teaching about Islam. There were many dead enemy of Islam and he fought against them and won the battle. A lot of non-muslims accepted Islam attracting to the divine virtu of Khan Jahan Ali. Bagerhat is really a place of historical importantce.

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