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  Large Shiva temple puthiya
Large Shiva temple puthiya
Left-hand side to enter the market of putiya, Large Shiva Temple is located on the south. The main gate is located on the south side of the temple.

There are Four corners in the four side and a central peak (stone temple) in the middle. The central peak is about twenty meters high. This temple(Shiva temple puthiya) is a significant achievement in the temples of puthiyaya.

Travel arrangements : Rajshahi - Natore highway, one kilometer south of puthiya bas stand.and only five minutes from the highway. Distance of 34 kilometers by road from the city of Rajshahi.

Real Estate Services:
There are two dakabanlo here. before coming here, you have to take order from the District Council. District Council chief executive officer phone No. 0721-776348. In addition, a private residential hotel next to the puthiya bus stand.

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