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  Maymensingh - the heart of Bengalís folklore
Location: Northern side of Dhaka. Distance from Capital Dhaka: 192 Km.
Accessibility: Accssible by rail and road.

From the foot of the Garo hills in the north down to the plains of Dhaka in the south lies greater Mymensingh.

ALONG THE NORTHERN FRONTIER OF THE DISTRICT THERE are many indigenous tribes such as Garos, Hajongs and Kochis who are ethnically quite distinct.

Maymensingh has earned a natable position in Bengali Literature as the birth place of rich folklore and folk songs. On the road from Dhaka to Maymensingh there is a national park and game sancturary at Madhupur about 160 Km. from Dhaka. There are a number of reserve forests in the area with rest-houses and picnic spots. The world famous painter ZAINUL ABEDINís Art Gallery at Maymensingh town is certainly worth visiting.

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