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  Bharat Bhayana , Jessore

The site is known after the name of its village Bharat Bhayana which is in the thana of Kesabpur under Jessore district. The village and its surroundings are dotted with some and sparsely lying architectural pieces. Of them, only one,

Bharat Rajar Deul, has yielded the substantial ruins of a brick-built curious structure. It was planned on a cruciform base and endowed with several bind cells above.

It shows starkly plain wall surface save some receding offsets at the base level only. The present height of the roof-less structure is about 10m at its highest point that appears to have been much more in its original form. The site has also yielded some busts of princely male figures, potteries of early medieval origin etc. On stylistic ground they may be dated in circa 5th-6th century AD.

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