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  Harish Chandra Raja’s Mound

Harish Chandra Raja’s Mound:
Harish Chandra Raja's Mound is 18km north of Dhaka metropolitan city (the northeast corner of Savar town).

The mound has yielded the substantial ruins of a smaller Buddhist monastery entirely built of brick. In its close north there still exist the ruins of a medium size votive stupa.

The site has also exposed some bronze sculptural pieces belonging to Buddhist pantheon, carved bricks, potteries and a silver coin of Pattikera-Harikela origin.

It is further to be mentioned here that a number of Imitation Gupta Gold Coins have earlier been reported from the surroundings of Harischandra Rajar Prasada Mound time and again.

Moreover, there exist the remains of a mud fort, Kotbari by name, on the northwest of the monastery. It is also to be remembered that remains of a group of votive stupas were also discovered a few years back in a place called Rajasan which is only 150m on the east of the site. Of the promising structural ruins of the neighboring area mention may also be made of ‘Harischandra Rajar Buruj' that appears to have been a brick-built stupa. On stylistic ground they are datable to circa 6th-8th century AD.

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