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  Nijhum Island
Nijhum Island will be the next attractive tourist place after saint Martins Inland. It's a mangrove forests. You can see there Dears of species and Monkeys. At the time of winter season, huge numbers of Migrated birds come here for enhancing the Nijhum Island's beauty.

The communication of Nijhum Island is not better,

but if you want to enchant to see his beauty you will go there either from Chittagong or from Dhaka. FROM CHITTAGON: you have to go Hatia island from Chittagong by motor boat of ship and than you will go Nijhum Island from there by local motor boat. FROM DHAKA:

From Sadarghat launch terminal You can also go Tomzuddion by Launch. and by Motorboat you will go to Nijhum Island from from there But in Nijhum Island accommodation is very much limited.

you can get some common food from there but you should be very careful for the quality of that foods. you can stay rest house (forest) but need to take prior permission from forest Department. Another accommodation: District Parishod Guest House but need to take permission from Thana Administration (TNO)

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