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  Port of Mongla

Mongla Sea Port is the most Eco-friendly port and Second Sea Port in Bangladesh. situated on the southwestern part of the country at the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla approximately 71 nautical miles (131 Km.) upstream of the Bay of Bengal. The Mongla Sea Port is Protected by the Sundarbans (the largest mangrove forest- declared as 'World Heritage' in 1997 by the UNESCO).

Port Management : Mongla Port Authority (MPA) is headed by a Chairman: There are three members i.e. Member (E&D), Member (Operation) & Member(Finance).

Administrative Ministry : Ministry of Shipping, Government of the people's Republic of Bangladesh.
Dock Workers Management Board : Dock Workers Management Board consists of 13 members.

Land of Mongla Port : The total land under Mongla Port Authority is 2323.80 acres (960.57 Hectors) covering area of Permanent Port, Old Mongla, Khulna and Hironpoint.

Port Facilities :
Berthing : Jetty, Mooring buoy, Anchorage
Storage Facilities: Transit Shed, Warehouse, Reefer Plug points, Generator, Container yard
Handling Equipment : Mobile crane, Dock side crane, Straddle carrier, Forklift Truck, Primeover, Trailer 20-0, Trailer 40'-0, Towing Truck, Heavy duty forklift
Exports by this Port: jute, leather, tobacco, frozen fish, and shrimp
Imports: grain, cement, fertilizer, coal, and wood pulp.

FAX: 88-04662-75224

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