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  Satchari nation Park
Satchari National park , the newest member among the 17 protected areas of bangladesh, has been established to preserve the remaining natural hill forest patch of Raghunandan hill reserve

Satchari means "seven streams", which flow through the forest that form important catchments. Ecologically the semi-evergreen forests of satchari are transition between the indian-subcon-tinent and the Indo-china floristic region. the forests are generally are generally un-even-aged and multistories.

The majority of the smaller under-story trees are evergreen but most of the large dominant trees are dieciduous. The wildlife diversity in the satchari national park consists of 197 species, of which 149 species are birds, 24 species are mammals, 18 species are reptiles and 6 species are amphibians surely, it is a paradise for bird watchers.

Location : Hobigonj:
Area (ha.) : 242.91
Established : 2005
Wild Life : Oriental Pied Hornbill, Phayre’s Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Red-headed Trogon, Pygmy Woodpecker and Red Jungle Fowl
Region : Situated in Sylhet Division, Hobigonj District, Chunarughat Upazila, Paikpara Union.
Getting There : About 132 km. north-east of Dhaka and approximately 60 km southwest of Srimongol city on the old Dhaka-Sylhet highway. You can go to Satchari National Park by microbus (Tk. about 3,500/=) from Dhaka. And also have bus services to Srimongal (AC: Tk. 250, Non-AC: Tk. 200) and from there hire transport for 1.5 hour trip. You can also reach Srimongal by Train (twice-daily) service Tk. 200/=.
Satchari nation Park
Accommodation :
Accommodation facility is not available in Satchari Natioal Park. It will be better to stay in Srimongal { 1(one) hour away}.
1) Entry-level Tea Town Guest House: (Tk. 250-500, Tel: 08626-370)
2) Mid Level United Hotel (Tk. 400-1,000) and
3) High-end Tea Resort (Tel: 08626-207, Tk. 1,500-3,000) and Lodging is available For Lodging at BTRI Rest House

(Tel: 08626-225, Tk. 300-400) & you will find out many Restaurants there.

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