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BANGABANDHU SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN was born on 17th march at Tungipara in Gopalgonj district. His father is Sheeikh Lutfat Rahman and mother Sayera Khatun

He started his education at the Gimadanga Primary school. Then he got himseld admitted into the Gopalgonj Mission high school and passed Entrance from there.

Thereafter he passed B.A. From Calcuta Islamic college . While Studing law in the Dhaka University, he took part in politics. He was imprisoried by the Pakistan Govt. in 1948. So, he could not complete his law course.

In 1948 Urdu was declared te state language of Pakistan ignoring Bangla, the language of the majority people. The student community protested. A meeting of the state language committee was held on 16 th March 1948 in the Dhaka University. Sheikh Mujib Presided over this meeting.

He became the general Secretary of the Awami League in 1953 and formed the United front in co-operation with Sher-e-Bangla Fazlul Huq. The United front defeated the Muslim league, sheikh Mujib became a provincial minister under the United front Govt. But this govt. fell due to Pakistani conspiracy. Martial law was promulgated. Bangalees lost their political right. Sheikh mujib started movement for recovery of the lost right. As the president of Awami League , Sheikh mujib declared six-point demand fir the autonomy of Bangladesh in 1966. In the general election of 1970, the Awami league, under the leadership of Sheikh mujib, won maximum seats, but the Pakistan Govt. did not hand over power to the Bangalees. Pakistan Army fell upon the sleeping Bangalees, arreted Sheikh mujib and took him over to west Pakistan. Before his arrested he declared the independence of Bangladesh. So, liberation war started . Pakistan Army surrended on the 16 th December, 1971 and Bangladesh came into being. Sheikh mujib returned to Bangladesh on 10 th January, 1972 and took over charge of the government.

Sheikh mujib was a Great leader. He along with the members of his family was killed by some ambitious and power-greedy persons and a small section of Army on the 15 th august, 1975. But this historic great leader remains alive in the heart of the Bangalee.

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