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  Sound pollution
Among the many-side environmental pollutions, sound pollution is one of such a serious problems. It has reached an alarming stage now-a-days. It is chasing us in almost every step of our life.

The quietness of our life has totally vanished. Even within our homes sound has been very common. Many are the causes of this problem of sound pollution.

Microphones blare out day in and day out. Film songs are played on cassette recorders at top volume even from the wayside betel shops.

There are the aggressive bullying horns of automobiles. During religious festivals crackers are burst indiscrimininately and as a result the lives of the children and the aged person become miserable. shouting of slogans also contributes not a little to sound pollution. One can even come across slogan shouting in hospitals. The extent of sound pollution has already crossed the normal limits of human endurance. We have to pass strict laws to take effective steps against the misuse of microphones. People must be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution and everyone must cultivate the virtues of quietness in domestic as well as public life.

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