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  The impact of campus violence

Education in our country is passing through a stage of crisis. Along with political unrest in the country,campus violence has become almost a daily affair.

It appears that the students are there in our colleges and universities only to be engaged in violence throwing their main duty of learning something to dust.

The whole state of affairs is very sad. The impact of such violence is too many to be described. It may simply be said that Bangladesh is already educationally backward. The teachers are growing unconcerned about the welfare of the students. The students are growing to be more concerned about politics endless about their studies.

They are gradually forming the habit of intolerance. The basic principles of democracy for which they are shouting are going to be slaughtered at their hands. The innocent students and guardians are becoming the worst sufferers. Everyone in the society has become passive spectators; sentiment has been gaining mastery over reason. And thus violence is throwing the intellectual atmosphere out of bound of the campus..

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