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  World Heritage Sites
There are many places of historical interest in Bangladesh. The historic Shatgombuj Mosque of Bagerhat, the ruins of the Buddist Vihara at Paharpur and The Sundarbans. The shatgombuj Mosque is a 15th Centuri Islamic edifice situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat,

On the edge of Sundarbans, some 175 Km south-west of Dhaka. It is an enormous Moghul architectural site covering a very large area.

The Mosque is unique in that it has sixty pillars which support seventy-seven exquisitely curved domes that have worn away with the passage of time. The mausoleum of the city's founder Khan jahan Ali can be found nearby.

Kotbari in Comillah, Mahastangarh in Bogra and Paharpur in Rajshahi can give information to the tourists who are interested in archaeological and cultural history of Bangladesh. The Darghas of shahjalal at sylhet, Amanat shah in Chittagong , shah Makdum in Rajshahi, Bayajid Bustami in Chittagong and khan jahan ali at Bagerhat are very attractive to the tourists who are interested in our spiritual heritage.

With the declaration of the mosque as a World Heritage site, It is hoipend that beautiful architectural monument will be preserved from further decay.

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