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The Christmas Day
The Christmas has a profound significance for the Christians. About two thousand years ago the child JESUS was born in a humble in Bethelhem. The Magi were three wise men if the east.

They brought gifts to the infant savior. They were led by a star to the stable at Bethelhem where JESUS was born in a manger – a trough in which food in laid for horses and cattle.

Tradition calls them Melchior , Gasper and Balthazar - three kings of east. The first man offered gold, the emblem of royality, the second man, frankincense, in token of divinity and the third, myrrh, as a symble of death. They introduced the art of giving presents on the eve of the annual celebration of the birth of Christ. And the custom has taken root in the Christmas world.

In Bangladesh the Christmas constitute a small but an important segment of the overall population and they celebrate their greatest festival with due solemnity and religious fervour. Holding the Christmas carols and services in Churshes and illumination of private houses highlights the programmers of the day. The day is declared as a closed holiday by the government and radio and T.V. put up special programmes on the day. Members of the Christian families decorate Christmas trees. In the cit of Dhaka particularly Christmas services and carols are held in different churches including Mary's Cathedral at Kaktail , Holy cross Church at Laxmi Bazar and Holy Rosary Churse at Tejgaon.

The ideals for which Christ lived and died should be reawakened in all. Like other great men. Jesus Christ came to this world with a message of peace and peached for good fellow felling.

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