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welcome to tour to bangladesh Coxs Bazar- world largest sea beach Paharpur, World Heritage- Declared by UNESCO Saint Martins, coral island Ahsan Manjil The Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world Satgambuj Mosque, World Heritage- Declared by UNESCO ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN BANGLADESH
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Moheshkhali Island  (Eastern Bay of Bengal)
Moheshkhali Island is a island like saint martin. you have to go there by Speed boat, launch, steamer.An Island off the coast of Cox's Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the Centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high.Details
Sonadia Island (Eastern Bay of Bengal)
Sonadia (a crescent island.), about with an area of 9 Square Kilomerer. It is the north-west of Cox's Bazar. Sonadia Island is very rich for different kinds of shells. Thousands of fishermen camp here in Every winter and make large hauls. Sonadia Island is famous for the industry of dry fish. Details
St. Martins Island-Bangladesh (Western Bay of Bengal)
St. Martin's Island is very popular tourist spot. Now, 3 (three) shipping liners run Everyday trips to the island, including Sea-Truck and Keary-Sindbad. If you want to visit this land you can book your trip either from Chittagong or from Cox's Bazar.Presently there are many efforts being put forth to preserve the several endagered species of turtles that nest on the island, as well as the corals, some of which are found only on Narikel Jinjera. Details
Nijhum Island (Western Bay of Bengal)
Nijhum Island will be the next attractive tourist place after saint Martins Inland. It's a mangrove forests. You can see there Dears of species and Monkeys. At the time of winter season, huge numbers of Migrated birds come here for enhancing the Nijhum Island's beauty. Details
Cheera/Chhera Island (Western Bay of Bengal)
Cheera Island is a part of saint Martin's island but it's divided during tides.There are small bushes which are the green part of cheera island, enhancing the Beauty of this Island, You can see Corals here also. But you cannot stay there ar night, no one live cheera dwip. Details
Island of Harinbaria
Harinbaria Island is a silent Island and it is at the estuary of the joint rivers of the joint rivers of Bishkhali and Payara with all the natural wonders. This island is very beautiful place also for tourist. Details
Ashar Char Island (Western Bay of Bengal)
Ashar Char island is about two miles long in the western Bay of Bengal. Ashar Char island is Under Barguna district of Bangladesh.Details
Beside This Islands There are many Island in our country, SEE FOLLOWING:
Western Bay of Bengal:
1) Andar Char
2) Char Hare
3) Char Lakhsmi
4) Char Manika
5) Ramnabad Island
6) Char Mantaz
7) Rangabali
8) Burir Char
9) Pakhkhir Char
10) Dimer Char
11) Char Bagala
Middle Bay of Bengal:
1) Bhola Island , largest island of the country
2) Sandwip
3) Hatiya
4) Manpura Island
5) Char Sakuchia
6) Char Nizam
7) Char Kukri Mukri
8) Dal Char
9) Char Gazi
10) Char Faizuddin
Eastern Bay of Bengal:
1) Kutubdia
2) Uri char
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