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Prabartana for quality handloom.

Prabartana is a Bangali word meaning an"Act of promotion". The task is introduce and. promote the product of handloom weaving and local product. It was established in the year

1989 with a very simple objective to promote the products of the local artisans and thereby pave the way toward revitalization of our traditional rural industries.

Prabatana is an outcome of the research works done by UBINIG - the policy research and advocacy organization. Since 1986,UBINIG conduct research on of the situation of the handloom industries and concluded from the findings that anless promotional activities are carried out this sector will face tremendous consequences leading to the unemployment and misery of the people related to the industry. Therefore, it became a very important development to be advocated to the policy maker. Moreover, since consumers need to be aducated and given proper information about the availability and the exquisite qualities of the homebased product, direct involvement with marketing became so necessary.

appeared as a clearinghouse and the national and international marketing outlet for the weavers in different parts of the county and for the handicraft artisan to sell and to promote their products. Prabartana has been able to market the products of the weavers from important weaving pockets of the country including Tangail, Dhaka (Demra) Rajshahi Chapainababganj comilla, Norshindi and from the indigenous people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Such a Rangamati).

Prabartana is specialized and known for various typees of handloom product coming from different parts of the country. Among them, the Nakshi-Buti Sarees from Tangail, Jamdani from Dhaka, Silk from Rajshahi and Chapainababgonj and varieties of jacquard sarees from Shahzadpur are worth mentioning. Besides handcrafted, leather product, ceramics, embroiderywork, handmaid product, etc are found in the shop supplied by various artisans from different areas. The craft workers find Prabartana a place where they should participate as well. Prabartana also runs a factory to produce yardage fabric clothes of different design. Produced exclusively with cotton yarn, these fabrics have earned great reputation among the customers. Besides yardage of raw silk are made. Prabartana guarantees quality and ensures the most economic price for the customers as well as for the wholesale purchasers. Since we work directly with the producers, price is always competitive. We directly control the quality of product. The weaver is constantly supervised and manages by the fild workers stationed in the center run by UBINIG. Therefore, we can guarantee the highest qualities.

Prabartana does not only the direct consumers, The national and international retailers can purchase product directly from us. There are several advantages of purchasing through Prabartana.

      First, ensured quality.
      Second the capability to conceptualize and realize new designs and ideas.
      Third, Being a project of UBINIG, a development organization, our goal is to contribute to the interest of the direct producers. Therefor through UBINING in fact means purchases directly producer. And what the consumers are paying, most of its goes to the producers because profit deductions are not done as in the case of the middlemen.
      Forth, our constant survey of the weavers and the production areas identifies craft-skill and capabilities of the weavers in the different parts of Bangladesh. For new designs and ideas to be translated into products and marketable items.

Prabartana can provide unique service. We know exactly who can produce what and what is the cost of production. People who are engaged handloom business is surely be gainer if they work with us.
Prabartana is for weavers and the artisans.
Prabartana is a friend of all of you, Who appreciate and support the weavers and artisans of Bangladesh. For more information please


SHAHID HUSSAIN SHAMIM, Director, 2/8, Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207,
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